BetConstruct Announces Its Core Platform Is Going Open Source In 2016

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Online and retail betting and gaming software provider BetConstruct announces that the core of its Spring Platform is going to be released as open source in 2016.

Spring is BetConstruct’s gaming platform. It provides a single gaming management environment that supports multiple products. This environment carries out a range of management functions covering player management, accounts, payment systems, back office users, permissions, currencies, languages, main reports and business performance.

“BetConstruct always stands for creative collaboration in the gaming industry. We believe that it fosters innovation, expands the reach of gaming and challenges our understanding of what’s possible,” said Vahe Baloulian, BetConstruct’s Chief Executive Officer. “By releasing Spring as open source, for the first time in gaming industry we will create community platform for gaming developers and allow them to implement their own ideas and experiences.”

“We are also making Spring Platform’s Swarm API public on a dedicated API gateway, designed for developers worldwide,” commented BetConstruct CTO David Gasparian. “By using these open platforms, one can easily develop their own software-as-a-service application and connect to our infrastructure.”

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