Journey to ancient Greece with The Golden Owl of Athena

Betsoft - The Golden Owl of Athena

With The Golden Owl of Athena as your guide, explore the fountains, temples, and gardens of Athens – the capital of classical Greek culture, and home to untold ancient wealth.

A tightly-focused 3×5 slot game, The Golden Owl of Athena transports players back in time to when the Parthenon was newly-constructed, and gods and goddesses were carefully chosen to become the patrons of bustling cities.

Following a fierce competition with Poseidon, Athena – goddess of wisdom and handicraft – was named protector of Athens, and the golden owl that accompanied her became the city’s mascot, stamped on its currency.

A symbol of knowledge and wisdom, Athena’s golden owl is also the star of the game. Appearing alongside mythical symbols like Athena’s hoplite helmet and spear, the owl serves several simultaneous roles and is the trigger for The Golden Owl of Athena’s three different features.

As the player’s escort through a world painted in ethereal choral music and exquisite visual design, the owl serves as a standard wild, and can fill the role of any other symbol. And wherever it appears on the reels, the owl can help to guide players to significant scatter wins. Where the owl appears three or more times in a single spin, Athena anoints players with her blessing, and awards between 8 and 20 free spins.

During these rounds, the goddess and her golden owl select a symbol at random; when it appears anywhere, it will then expand to full height – forming a tribute to the goddess, and a transformative win for the player!

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