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Return to Player is an independent, and contemporary online magazine focusing on the online casino sector whose mission is to increase awareness for the best slot games. We focus on covering the online casino games industry to educate our readers on casino games and the best online casino. This ranges from casino news coverage where the game is at forefront of the press release, in-depth and friendly reviews of the best online slots, to providing video gameplay of the casino games and an online gambling forum community for players to discuss topics.

Video slot game suppliers do not finance our team, although they may work in the casino game industry within the best online casinos. For this reason, we see ourselves as aggressively independent without bias to any video slot provider or online casino. Return to Player will not place a video slot games within the best online slots section of the website unless that game has merit worthy of such acclaim and is provided by the best online casinos. We also want our news and slot game reviews to focus on the game itself. This means removing all the hubris from press releases, ignoring press releases that don’t actually focus on the game, taking the best online casino narrative for granted, and ensuring that the online slot reviews centre on the game mechanics and features. It is only though looking at the game in isolation that you are able to determine if this is indeed one of the best online slots for players to play.

Return to Player does from time to time write feature articles that cover all the other aspects of the industry. Online casino sector mergers and acquisitions don’t directly affect the game production but they are indicative of the future of that video slot provider and whether they are heading in the right direction to produce some of the best slot games.

We also try and educate our readers through our feature articles. For instance, for a lot of players a video slot game is actually quite hard to play. Video slot providers and slot developers sometimes include implicit casino game terminology unabated and take for granted explanations of simple game features. This level of implied understanding is rife across the sector from the best online casino to the best slot games. We therefore carefully select feature articles that we feel will educate the player such as ‘learning how to play a slot game’ through to opinion pieces on the status of the sector or the impact of certain key mergers. Information about the best online casinos is usually only included where there are beneficial impacts to our readers such as exclusive online casino bonus offers or online slot promotions.

Once you read through the feature articles please don’t hesitate to leave a comment on any articles you feel interested you or head to the online casino forum to discuss with other readers. You can also check out the online casino bonuses and then perhaps head over to one of our partners, like Casumo, Leo Vegas, 888, bet365, or Leo Vegas, to play the video slot games yourself. In our opinion, our online casino partners are best online casino available on the internet.

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