Colossus Bets and CORE Gaming launch world’s first partial cash-out slot game

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COLOSSUS BETS today announced it has launched a landmark disruptive slot for the gaming industry with partners CORE Gaming and Sky Vegas. The Colossus game with its £1,000,000 jackpot prize is the first slot to incorporate a cash-out feature.

Traditional slots are designed to be an ‘all or nothing’ experience for the player to land the jackpot prize. The Colossus game will enable players to cash-out their position between reels being resolved, including the option to cash-out in parts and thus continuing to play for a part of the jackpot prize.

Bernard Marantelli, founder and CEO of Colossus Bets said: “Partial cash-out has become a sports betting juggernaut, with industry leaders such as Bet365 and Paddy Power this year following a lead we set when launching our sports pools with the feature in 2013. We believe that the application of partial cash out to other gaming verticals will have a similarly transformational impact. The Colossus slot is the first in what will be a series of gaming products enabling players to bank profits through partial cash out as they progress through a game.”

Justin Chamberlain, CEO of CORE Gaming commented: “Slots have lacked real innovation for some time and become a battle of the brands. This Colossus ‘Fracpot’ slot represents real innovation and as a result the interest from operators has been huge. We are delighted that in Sky Vegas we have a top tier operator who is first to go live with the game and we are looking forward to developing a suite of partial cash out games with Colossus Bets.”

Daniele Phillips, Head of Casino Marketing said: “We are really looking forward to launching a slot that could appeal to our large base of sportsbook customers actively using Cash Out at Sky Bet. It gives us great cross-sell potential.”

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