Review Ethics


How do you choose which games to review?

Return to Player reviews games on the basis of our own interests, word of mouth, games gaining popularity and games that offer something unique different or compelling.

I don’t agree with your review. You’re wrong!

Return to Player reviews games on the above guidelines. We are as objective as is possible in applying this criteria across the board. If you don’t agree with the criteria please drop an email, use our contact form, or raise a post in the forum and let us know your thoughts.

Can review scores be changed after publication?

We would only change a review score if we believe the game has received significant major update since our published review, or there is a significant change to our review criteria that would unfairly prejudice games reviewed on the legacy system. Where we do change a score we will list the legacy score and the reason for the update.

I’m a casino game developer. Will you review/preview my latest game?

Please submit the details to our contact form. We don’t guarantee we’ll review every game because we are always limited by resources. You should know that we’ll only review games that are published and live. We will preview games that are not yet published but they should have a legitimate expectation to be published.

The listed RTP isn’t the same as the RTP Challenge?! Is the developer cheating us?

Not at all. The developer’s published RTP has been certified by third party ATFs and is verified in accordance with gambling regulations. The RTP Test is simply a basic snapshot to give you a rough expectation of what you could expect playing the game from fresh for 20mins or so.

I can’t stop playing. I think I’m addicted. I have a problem!

If you require further advice about your gambling activities or you are concerned about the gambling habits of your friends or family, please visit one of the support websites below:


Or the relevant institution in your country.