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Table Games Explained

  • 13 Nov 2020
  • Kathryn
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Online casinos offer a variety of choices to the patrons, whether it’s action on the reels or a more authentic experience. The most common alternative to slots is the age-old table game, which takes casino classics – such as blackjack or poker – and renders them in virtual splendour.

In this blog, we’ll cover the main types of table games and offer a few titles, which are the best examples of them. So, if you need table games explained for you, look no further, as RTP has you covered.


Let’s start with an icon of the industry; Blackjack. A regular feature on the casino floors of the Las Vegas Strip, this is a deceptively simple game and a hugely popular one at that. It’s pretty straightforward, you just have to try and get a hand value of 21, without going over. The player with a total closest to that figure will be crowned the winner. Despite its minimal nature, there are a fair few variants of the game, though some are more popular than others.

European Blackjack is one example, offering one key aspect that separates it from the normal game. Instead of the dealer showing both his cards at the start of play, they will be kept face down until the player decides to hit, stop, double, or separate. This adds an extra edge to the proceedings. Optional side bets are also an option, with things like ‘Perfect Pair’ blackjacks. You must place it when the opening wagers are being made, with the aim being to get a pair, with the odds getting better if they have the same suit and colour. Aspects such as this keep the game feeling fresh and there are plenty more varieties out there to try. If you fancy giving it a go, why not try the aptly named Online Blackjack?


The next entry here is another card, though this one is a little more complex. For starters, there are a lot more versions of poker than there are of blackjack, and their differences are much more drastic to boot. There is one type that is much more prominent than the rest though; Texas Hold’em. You’ll make a bet once you’ve been dealt your cards and the dealer will then place three cards face-up on the board. This is known as the flop and another round of betting will begin afterwards. You can choose whether to match the current blind, raise it or fold your card and forfeit for the rest of the game. Another card will be dealt, known as the turn, and the penultimate betting round will ensue.

Assuming there is still more than one player left in the game, the final round, known as the river, will then begin. The final betting round will then take place before the players still involved reveal their cards. The best five-card hand wins the game, and any mix of the five revealed community cards and your two is acceptable. The best possible hand is known as a royal flush, which is a straight with all cards of the same suit, ranked A-10. Poker is a more tactical game than blackjack, especially if you are playing a live casino version, with other actual players. Knowing when to fold is just as important as checking or raising; it’s all about staying in the game and waiting for the right hand. If you’re interested, here is a Hold’Em Classic to try for yourself.



Most people have heard of roulette; it’s easy to understand the game and it allows for big risk, big reward play. It is a stark contrast to the previous two games we’ve covered. For one thing, it is purely based on chance. There is no outsmarting of the opposition to be done here, you simply pick your bet and hope it comes in. There are no cards, instead, you will be guessing where a ball lands on a spinning wheel. European Roulette features segments from 0-36 on the wheel, split between two halves of red and black, with a green zone representing the zero. The other type, American Roulette, has an extra 00 zone, which works in the house’s favour, so European is typically considered the more player-friendly variant. You can give the basic version of the game a go here.

Live Casinos Titles

In this last section, we’ll be examining a different kind of table game. Live Casino is a broad term that encompasses the games we’ve already talked about but, instead of a virtual version, you’ll be playing a real game with other players against an actual dealer. This is accomplished through the medium of streaming, as the action will be delivered in high definition. Entire studios are made specifically for the games, which include intricate sets and physical tables. This offers the most authentic casino experience you can get online and there are several marked differences to that of the normal variants.

As you have a human dealer and players, as opposed to artificial intelligence, there’s a social element you don’t really get in other casino games. The majority will allow you to converse with the other people on the board as well as whoever is overseeing the proceedings. All of the dealers tend to be quite charismatic and excel in keeping the flow of conversation going, which only adds to the enjoyment. The tactics we’ve spoken about in poker and blackjack become all the more prominent here, so Live Casino can provide an innovative alternative if you’re looking for something new to play. In our opinion, a great introduction into this genre is Dreamcatcher Live, which takes the classic Wheel Minigame to the height of its potential.  

All the games we’ve referenced here can be played on Kerching.

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