Return to Player will (from time to time ) review third party content and welcomes freelance writers to pitch stories that may be suitable for our audience.

Suitability is obviously subjective but we are looking for articles that entertain, offer new opinion or points of view, educate, cover recent events, and most importantly engage our readers. If you’re really gifted you can write articles to do all of these.

It goes without saying that all articles must be original copy.

Please note that in order for your content to be considered for publication you must first contact us in advance to discuss the article, provide samples and allow us to get to know you a little.

Process and Terms

  1. Please fill in the contact form and provide a précis of your article.
  2. Be patient.
  3. Be a little more patient if you’ve still not received a response. We receive many emails each week so it may take some time to respond.
  4. We will let you know a desired timeline and a proposed payment along with some additional T&Cs to cover the engagement.
  5. Please provide your article in a Word or RTF file by the deadline.
  6. Ensure you fully cite any sources used including both copy and images.
  7. Our editorial team will review the content and provide feedback including a confirmation of whether the article will be published. Please note that only published articles are paid and all other will be discarded.
  8. Be happy.

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