Return to Player was founded in 2014 as a gaming website focused purely on casino games, irrespective of the casinos that offer them, the changes applied in different geographical markets, or the infrastructure that provides them. We started because we believe that players and customers do not have a single independent news and information hub that is focused on the game over anything else.

Some of our competitors concern themselves with platform reviews, or casino reviews, or listing bonuses as a primary means to acquisition. This has a purpose but we believe these to be commodity items in the player lifecycle. The casino game itself is always going to be the item to drive true acquisition and retention. To paraphrase Douglas MacArthur, our conscious thoughts are on the game, the game, and the game.

For the traditional video game industry, games can be relatively easily benchmarked, broken down into aspects such as performance; graphics; gameplay; longevity and so on. This is somewhat true for casino games but they are much harder to benchmark because they create such subjective impressions with every person that plays them.

The experiences created from playing a casino game also depend in the most-part on the mathematics incorporated in the game design. The mathematics are never made available to the pubic and it is rare that a developer provides a maths ‘profile’ for a new game.

This is where Return to Player seeks to differentiate itself from other casino game review sites by going deeper on the benchmarking into the underlying game design. For our visitors and readers this means you should get a deep insight into the casino game before you’ve even had to spend money, but such reviews take longer to test, benchmark and write up. You can see our methodologies here. We believe in quality not quantity and we trust that our readers are likeminded.

Our mission is to cover the casino game industry by providing independent news, previews, in-depth articles, and informed reviews, focusing on the games themselves.

There is a wider mission to support the growth of the casino game sector to the mainstream and help credit all those people that work within. Our editorial team work in the industry and have a wealth of experience ranging from casino operations, platform distribution and game development:


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