Arcade gameGeneric TermA group of casino games that offer something novel or unique from the traditional offerings such as physics based games.
Base GameAll casino gamesThe basic function of the slot game in which the player clicks a spin button and the reels spin and stop possibly providing a prize.
Bet-size / Coin-sizeGeneric TermThe size the bets allowed on the game by the casino.
Bingo / Keno gameGeneric TermA group of casino games involving number matching or work from bingo-esque mechanics.
Black MarketsGeneric TermJurisdictions where it is expressly forbidden to offer online gambling services and is there is lack of transparency and scrutiny.
Bonus GamesAll casino gamesA type of game that is different from the standard base game that typically offers a specific type of slot feature with larger wins.
CascadeSlot gamesA type of slot game in which matching symbols are removed from the game window and symbols above drop down to potentially make more matches.
Croupier / DealerGeneric TermThe theoretical casino player, typically playing against the player in a casino game.
FreespinsSlot gamesA type of bonus game in which the slot game plays without the need for the player making a further wager.
Game WindowSlot gamesThe display area of the slot reels/rows that is used to overlay win-lines and present the player with wagers.
Grey MarketsGeneric TermJurisdictions where it is not explicitly legal but it is also not explicitly illegal to offer online gambling activities OR where there is gambling regulation but it is not widely recognised as being effective or virtual.
House EdgeGeneric TermThe theoretical % paid to the casino over a fixed amount of time for hedging the player’s wager.
Instant Win game / Scratch ticketGeneric TermA group of casino games that are based on a scratch card mechanic of scratching panels to reveal matching symbols underneath.
Line symbolSlot gamesA type of slot symbol that has a fixed pay-out for matching a number of these on a win line.
Lines / Pay-lines / Win-linesSlot gamesThe pattern allocated across the game window that represents a win if the symbols match.
Meta-gameGeneric TermA game that is applied on top of a casino game that doesn’t offered a wager or effect the bet logic but offers other returns in the way of enjoyment or a sense of achievement much like a casual game.
OAKSlot gamesOf A Kind, which is another way to describe symbol matching.
Operator / House / CasinoGeneric TermThe casino that offers the games to the player and underwrites the wager.
PAR Sheet (probability assessment report)Generic TermThe mathematical model that drives most casino games.
Perfect / Optimal StrategyGeneric TermCasino game that offer an element of player choice typically have an optimum strategy that would provide the highest RTP over time if the player followed it consistently.
Persistent stateGeneric TermThe ability for a player’s progress to be saved and returned to the player when they return to the game at a later stage.
Poker gameGeneric TermA group of casino games that involve poker based games played against the casino only.
Progressive featureGeneric TermA feature in which the player can progress through multiple levels of the game entirely dependent on a previous result.
ReactorSlot gamesA type of slot game in which you match a group of symbols not necessarily along a win-line.
Reel stopsSlot gamesEach point on a reel where a symbol exists is known as a reel stop.
ReelsSlot gamesA theoretical fixed list of slot game symbols that rotate when a slot machine is spun.
Regulated MarketsGeneric TermJurisdictions where it legal to offer online gambling and there is a country/state government supported regulation, infrastructure and systems to administer and oversee gambling activities.
RowsSlot gamesThe number of reel stops that are displayed in the game window.
RTP / Return to playerGeneric TermThe theoretical % paid to the player over a fixed amount of time for wagering on that game.
Scatter symbolSlot gamesA type of slot symbol that triggers a specific event or win.
Skill gameGeneric TermA group of casino games where the player can increase the odds of winning through their skill on the game.
Slot gameGeneric TermA group of casino games where you spin reels to match symbols.
SymbolsSlot gamesThe different images that are mapped to the slot reels that a player has to match to trigger a win or specific event.
Table gameGeneric TermA group of casino games that are typically played on game tables and/or with cards and dice.
Ways to Win / 243 Ways to WinSlot gamesA mechanic in which there are no longer any pay-lines but rather 3+ matching symbols in any position on consecutive reels constitute a win. For a 5×3 game window this means 243 possible winning combinations.
WildsSlot gamesA type of slot symbol that will match any other symbols.

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