Big Time Journey, is now available exclusively via Odobo

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Big Time Journey is a 5×3 slot ‪#‎game‬ with 25 paylines and ‪#‎cartoon‬-style 3D graphics. It features five different time periods for players to experience, starting out in 1930s London.

The theme features a young boy named Artur, who starts out in an old house situated in the middle of bustling London. Little Artur stumbles upon a Time Machine built by his father before it was forgotten and lay buried deep in the attic. The machine’s reappearance sets him on a path of discovery through the ages and the lure of amassing a ‪#‎fortune‬ along the way. Artur will collect valuable artefacts on his adventures too, giving him collectables that span the Ice age, Prehistoric era, Medieval age and the Victorian era.

The game is loaded with casual features. These include power ‪#‎gems‬ collected in each ‪#‎historical‬ period, 23 achievements, a hidden World War I scene to uncover and the challenge of collecting ‪#‎artefacts‬ in each new era. These sticky features are matched by the substantial ‪#‎bonuses‬ and free spins that launch as the player progresses through each new period.

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