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High 5 Games Launches Universal Game Platform

  • 11 Aug 2014
  • Kathryn
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H5G’s new back-end infrastructure allows the company to quickly deliver powerful, customized content.

Over the span of a few years, High 5 Games has proven itself to be a major player in the social, mobile, and online real-money gaming environments. As H5G’s ambitions have grown, its technological capabilities have had to grow as well. The recent debut of the company’s Universal Game Platform (UGP) is the latest step in establishing H5G as the premier content provider in the casino gaming industry, regardless of environment.

High 5 Games’ UGP is a new back-end infrastructure that drives all remote gameplay provided by the company. The Universal Game Platform allows H5G to quickly deliver powerful, customized content to players, and it facilitates easier growth as the company adds more products to its portfolio.

“High 5 Games is taking a major step forward with the premiere of the Universal Game Platform,” said Lorin Jameson, Vice President of Technology at High 5 Games. “With UGP we can create an even more enjoyable and robust gaming experience for our players and scale our business without significantly increasing expenses.”

The Universal Game Platform was created by a team of High 5 Games employees spread out over the United States. The new framework was rolled out in stages at Shake the Sky Casino on Facebook before premiering at High 5 Casino on Facebook and iOS devices. It will debut in the near future in various online real-money environments, such as,, and in New Jersey.

By tailoring its content to individual players through UGP, High 5 Games can employ more targeted marketing and achieve better customer relationship management. UGP also provides benefits for players and partners alike. Social players at High 5 Casino and Shake the Sky Casino can now enjoy video poker, and many new features and game modes will be implemented in the future thanks to the new framework. Partners in the online real-money space will now find it even easier to incorporate H5G’s top-performing content into their online casinos. With an innovative new back-end infrastructure in place, High 5 Games is now poised to play an even larger role in remote gaming.

About High 5 Games

Developing for the land-based, online, social, and mobile markets, High 5 Games has created hundreds of games that are played on six continents and in more than 150 countries. High 5 Games operates the highest rated social casino on Facebook (High 5 Casino™, with nearly 2 million monthly players) and the largest Asian-themed social casino (Shake the Sky Casino™, with over 500 thousand monthly players). The company’s premiere remote game server, VAULT, will integrate with online casinos around the world and will feature over 100 of the company’s top brands. Founded in 1995, High 5 Games has offices in New York City and New Jersey.

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