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Top of the Shop by Trimark Brings Bingo Catchphrases to Life

  • 22 Apr 2015
  • Jacob
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Top of the Shop, available exclusively via the Odobo Marketplace, is the first #bingo variant to bring classic caller catchphrases to life as images on a deck of playing #cards.

Top of the Shop is a variant of 90-ball bingo that plays on the #phrases found throughout bingo halls in the UK. These are usually called out by the game’s host and include “snakes alive – 55” and “two fat ladies – 88”. They’re popular with #players for injecting humour and personality into the #game. As each beautifully illustrated and numbered card is drawn, players aim to match the represented number to those on their #ticket.

Although Top of the Shop offers a new caller system, the underlying 90-ball bingo format still offers wins for matching one or two lines and hitting a full house (matching all four lines). This version also replicates the experience of land-based bingo clubs by incorporating extra ways to win, such as: Bulleyes, Double Bubbles and Big Wins. These bonus features are rarely incorporated in online bingo and offer players three additional chances to win significant bonus prizes. The game also features achievements that can be collected over multiple sessions to reward player loyalty.

David Dent from Trimark, commented, “This is the second variant of bingo we’ve produced in HTML5 for the Odobo Marketplace. It uses a mechanic similar to the popular Lotería but makes the most of the caller catchphrases that are synonymous with the game in the UK. It’s humorous and fun and we’re pleased that Top of the Shop will soon be available to players around the globe.”

Glen Bullen, Partner Success Manager at Odobo, said, “Top of the Shop is a clever and intuitive combination of Lotería’s popular card-based bingo format and the British humour found in modern bingo. This is another unique game that is being made available exclusively via the Odobo Marketplace for play across mobile, tablet and desktop devices.”


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