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Odobo Play – Now Offering Social Casino and Real Money Gaming

  • 3 Jun 2015
  • David
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Odobo Play on iOS is a #game discovery app that helps #players to discover their favourite games and the casinos that offer them for real money. Since it launched in December 2014, it has been installed more than 45,000 times and reached number two in the UK iOS app store for casino games.

The app is the first of its kind to offer players a social #casino and real-money play via the same destination. The new features allow players to open an account to save progress across multiple devices and earn faster credit #bonuses. They can also top up their social casino balance in a multitude of ways. They can amass #wins across the 50+ titles on offer, gain bonuses for regular visits to the app or purchase more credit packs via the new in-app purchases.

The Odobo Play social casino is complementary to the existing real money features in the app and creates a one-stop shop for seamless casino game play. The goal is to provide the #excitement of real-casino content regardless of how a player wishes to consume the titles on offer: for free, with additional credits or for real money play.

The innovative new game formats are easy to learn in the social casino and the app is easily meeting industry standards for conversions to real money play. With a social casino offering, Odobo is monetising the traffic coming into the app that won’t naturally convert to real-money play. These players are now able to #enjoy the thrill of the diverse content available by winning credits and bonuses.

Ashley Lang, Founder and CEO at Odobo, said, “Building a social casino within Odobo Play has always been part of our roadmap and we’re excited by the launch of this unique new product. Our objective is to retain the small but vital percentage of players that convert to real money, while servicing those that are looking for a comprehensive social casino experience. Games produced for the Odobo Developer Program now earn royalties from both real money and social casino play making this an all-round product that benefits all concerned.”

The Odobo Play social casino is available to all players in all territories via the iOS app.

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