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The Invisible Man Review

  • 5 Jan 2024
  • Rob




“They all used to be the right colour, the right height, the right weight. And they all had Johnsons, Lassard!” … “There were Johnsons as far as the eye can see.” “Yes. And what a lovely sight it was.”


In association with Universal Pictures, and based on the the well-known story by H.G. Wells, NetEnt’s ‘The Invisible Man’ is everything a slot should be. It offers a range of different bonuses, animated gameplay, some unique features, stunning graphics and audio and enough regular payouts to keep you playing. The game itself is, in NetEnt’s own words, ‘a 5-reel, 3-row, 20-line (fixed) win-both-ways video slot with Re-Spins, Free Spins, Wild substitutions, Walking Wilds and 2 Bonus Features.” And boy, it is that and more.


Netent - The Invisible Man - 10 free spins 2

Many slots start with a story, and many players will quickly click the ‘Skip’ button, but this short video is not only well made, but also steeped in atmosphere. From the chilling voice of Dr. Jack Griffin to the excellent score and authentic classic movie feel (with just a touch of colour), this intro, unlike many of its contemporaries, sets the player up nicely for the game to come.


The player is presented with a period-looking slot, complete with art deco borders, 3D perspective lettering and the obligatory bubbling test tubes and smoking vials that makeup Griffin’s laboratory. The symbols themselves are combinations of the usual playing card letters – 10, J, Q, K and A, and stylised characters from the story.


Again, the appearance is rich and fitting for this theme. Along the bottom of the screen are all the buttons that one would expect. – the Information button, level, auto-play, spin, max bet and coin value options are all close at hand. Maybe the little-used Information button would benefit from being placed away from the main controls – somewhere at the top – but it is just personal preference.


Many slots start with a story, and many players will quickly click the ‘Skip’ button, but this short video is not only well made, but also steeped in atmosphere.


Being a ‘win both ways’ game, it can sometimes be difficult to spot all the winning

combinations, especially as, based on the RTP Challenge, they come so regularly that it is almost impossible to maintain a full account of every win/spin amount. But hey! Who’s realistically going to complain about getting too many wild symbols?


If the RTP Challenge is any indication, unlike many other slot games, the player is going to be treated to a lot of wilds, free spins and walking wilds. Watching the Policeman and Griffin wild symbols march across the screen in opposite directions and the accumulation of coins that they very often produced is a fun sight to behold. These are effectively free spins with guaranteed, walking wilds.


Furthermore, if two opposing wilds collide on the same row, it triggers a new, fully animated, screen that offers the player ten free spins! Wilds and respins are still available here and it is possible to rack up some impressive winnings. Apart from just playing free games and collecting free money, players should be looking out for those wild symbols as, during the freespin section, collecting enough wilds can lead to one of the two bonus games that “The Invisible Man” offers.



Griffin’s Rage Bonus.

Upon collecting enough Griffin Wild symbols during the free spins game, players enter Griffin’s bonus game. This is a classic ‘Pick and Click’ bonus Players are presented with a small collection of snow-covered buildings . Griffin – well, his footprints anyway – makes his way to the chosen houses and enters. Players now click on a range of people, animals and objects that make up the interior scene in their hunt for the protagonist. Each object will give a random bonuses or multipliers.

Police Spins Bonus

If the player collected enough police wild symbols, they are taken to a separate bonus feature. The police are closing in on their invisible criminal and players are presented with three bonus spins that contain four burning wild symbols, offering the potential of huge winnings!


I really enjoyed playing this game, and not just because I left with a profit. As mentioned, the game is so jam-packed with features that it kept my interest for the full 500 test spins. Rarely do I get disappointed when the RTP Challenge is over, but with The Invisible Man I could have happily played on.


RTP Challenge

Whilst 73% of all spins resulted in no win, the remaining 27% resulted in losing wins or profit. These regular, one in four returns meant I could play and play with little effect on my bankroll and, when I hit the features I won big. My biggest single payout was a whopping 30,040 coins and I also received other ‘Big’ and ‘Mega’ wins totalling around the 40,000 mark.


Invisible Man Bonus Results
Bonus Type Triggers Biggest win
Free spins 7 2,710
Police Wild Winnings 21 23,950
Griffin Wild Winnings 42 9,200
Griffin Rage Bonus 1 4,150
Police Spins Bonus 1 1020


Wilds came so readily that it was impossible to actually count them all. There were times when I received a Police wild and, as he was walking across his row, another Police, or a Griffin Wild would appear. At one point in the game, I had five different wilds marching across the screen, providing me with more and more free spins. Not all spins generated revenue, but many of them paid, and paid well!

During the 500 spin RTP Challenge I received both the Griffin’s Rage and Police Spins bonuses one time each, which felt about right. Bonuses are just that, not to be expected too frequently.

As shown, I left the RTP Challenge with a 6,000+ coin (66%) profit., the balance of which was made up by the very generous Police Spins bonus.

As already mentioned, this is a full-featured game with so many extras that it is almost guaranteed to keep all but the most hardened slots player playing for longer than many of its contemporaries. The only possible missed tricks may have been to use the ‘invisible’ theme more – perhaps to make symbols vanish and thus, change the reels and the fact that winning combinations are a little limited in their animation. However, this in no way detracts from the pleasure of playing this game, and probably saves an extra 15 seconds in loading what is already a game stuffed full of fun!


NetEnt’s The Invisible Man is a highly thematic slot that gets every element spot-on. The sounds are great, the score is mysterious, the cutscenes are well animated and feel ‘of the day’ and the subdued colouring of the game just adds to the overall feel of a near-perfect slot!



  • presentation : 9
  • accessibility : 9
  • features : 8
  • uniqueness : 7
  • enjoyment : 8.5


  • Packed full of features.
  • Beautifully presented.
  • Immersive feel to the game.


  • Main symbols may have benefited from a little more animation.
  • The ‘invisibility’ aspect could have been exploited more.

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