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Gourmet Ranch Riches – a Social Gaming Smash Hit comes to Real Money Gambling

  • 6 May 2015
  • Jacob
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Odobo’s in-house development studio, Wild Game Reserve, has launched its most ambitious #slot game yet – Gourmet Ranch Riches.

Gourmet Ranch Riches is a real-money adaptation of the hit #social game, Gourmet Ranch, which has amassed more than 15 million installs on #Facebook. Wild Game Reserve has worked with the IP holder to create a modern and fresh #casino game that mixes the innovation of the real-money sector with the best of the social and casual #gaming industry.

The new version has been carefully reworked using a casino maths model while staying true to the popular features #players love in the original game. Players take over the Gourmet Ranch to help Jack and Dolly cook up a wide variety of delicious organic meals by #growing their own crops and animals. Much like in the original, players are rewarded for growing and harvesting their #ingredients along with completing the diverse #menu sets. The new game sees crops maturing immediately and the potential to reap #cash rewards too. Everything about the game has been designed to enthrall the player and keep them coming back to enjoy more of the game.

Featuring a new mechanic for real-money gaming, #wins on the ranch are awarded frequently when players match like crops on adjacent tiles across their #ranch. The symbols vanish so that new ingredients can replace them for more chances to win. The more they match, the bigger the win and multiple wins on the same round delivers more cash to the player. Each win expands the farm by adding two more tiles and increases the player’s chance to win on the following round. Even the music track is layered to keep pace with the action, becoming more exciting and energetic as the player triggers wins and the farm expands. Unlocking the entire farm is where the excitement goes to another level, offering a generous free spin bonus round and multiplier.

The game is packed to the rafters with entertaining social features, including day and night cycles that mirror the player’s local time zone and multiple achievements to be earned. New recipes can be unlocked when the player levels up, with each stage bringing a new set of ingredients and a new look to the farm.

Mark McGinley, Studio Manager at Wild Game Reserve, commented, “Gourmet Ranch is a great IP with access to millions of players that love the original game. Gourmet Ranch Riches has been an immensely exciting project for our team, enabling us to show what the Odobo Developer Program can produce. We’re flattered by the interest from the industry and thrilled that players have taken to it so well.”

Gourmet Ranch Riches is available for real money exclusively with Gala Coral until April, after which it will be available globally via our other operators. To try for free visit:

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