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International Game Technology Issues Legacy GTECH’s 8th Annual Sustainability Report

  • 2 Jul 2015
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LONDON and ROME, July 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — International Game Technology PLC announced the release of legacy GTECH S.p.A.’s (“GTECH” or “the Company”) 2014 Sustainability Report. Now in its eighth edition, the Sustainability Report pre-dates the completion of the merger with legacy IGT on April 7, 2015.

The 2014 Sustainability Report applies the latest Global Reporting Initiative guidelines (G4), which are the most widespread international standards used by organizations to report their sustainability impacts and performance. These guidelines require submission of comprehensive and analytical information regarding a wide range of indicators and areas related to Corporate Social Responsibility in line with global best practices.

“We understand the importance of operating our business in a socially responsible manner,” said IGT PLC CEO Marco Sala. “We believe a balanced and responsible sustainability strategy is the only way to ensure long-term value creation.”

The 2014 Sustainability Report describes GTECH’s Responsible Gaming Program and focuses on the Company’s economic, social, and environmental responsibilities.

The Responsible Gaming Program serves three main purposes: preventing excessive gambling, preventing underage gambling, and supporting problem gambling research.
GTECH supports and cooperates with important trade associations such as the World Lottery Association, the European Lotteries, the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries, and the European Association for the Study of Gambling. Since 2007, GTECH has invested approximately €12 million in the promotion of Responsible Gaming. Over €2 million was invested in 2014 alone.

GTECH works with customers, gaming regulators, research institutes, and trade organizations to develop technological solutions aimed at promoting Responsible Gaming. GTECH also partners with research institutes and universities to continually develop new tools for improving its programs.

In Italy: Since 2007, GTECH’s Lottomatica brand has been actively engaged in developing projects and activities that allow the Company to monitor and safeguard all aspects of the gaming operation entrusted to it.

Prevention of underage gambling: Lottomatica implemented its prevention activity through the “18+” information campaign in cooperation with MOIGE (Italian Parents Movement) and FIT (Italian Tobacconists’ Federation), launching a communication and awareness campaign conducted in 21 Italian cities, which involved over 300,000 adults.
Prevention of problem gambling: Research into problem gambling was carried out in cooperation with Rome’s La Sapienza University (CIRMPA). Another qualitative research study, “Giocare per gioco”­­­ (Gaming as Fun), was conducted in cooperation with the Sussidiarieta Foundation, Sisal, and the Universita Cattolica, to assess retailers’ approach toward responsible gaming.
Supporting problem gamblers: Lottomatica further developed its “GiocaResponsabile” (Responsible Gaming) helpline service, in cooperation with FeDerSerD and with the support of other legal gaming concessionaires. The service is run by professional psychologists and psychotherapists who help problem gamblers and their families via a website, a toll-free telephone number, and an online treatment service.

Economic sustainability: Creating value over time, while increasing the distribution of added value among all stakeholders in the Company’s business. In 2014, €1.2 billion of net added value was created and distributed.

Suppliers: 7,000 suppliers worldwide, who are required to comply with existing regulations on workers’ rights and the Company’s Code of Conduct.
Employees: 8,800 employees worldwide, + 2.5% compared to 2013.
Revenues: €3.1 billion in revenues in 2014.
Social sustainability: Developing Responsible Gaming programs and tools for the prevention of underage gambling and problem gambling; support for problem gambling research; and the support of local communities through social and public initiatives. In 2014, approximately €15 million was allocated to local communities.

GTECH has helped local communities through a number of programs aimed at supporting public benefit initiatives. The After School Advantage program, for example, is a program aimed at bridging the “digital divide” among disadvantaged students by providing them with access to computers. To date, the program has been successfully implemented in 27 U.S. states and in countries such as Chile, Colombia, Barbados, Jamaica, Antigua, St. Kitts, and Trinidad and Tobago.

In Italy: Since 2007, approximately €75 million has been invested to support cultural, social, and sports initiatives.

Support important institutions such as the Palazzo delle Esposizioni or the Scuderie del Quirinale.
Assist in re-opening an exhibition area of the Citta della Scienza museum in Naples.
Support initiatives of important social value in cooperation with partners such as Telethon and the Ant Foundation.
Implement social projects such as VINCERE DA GRANDI in partnership with CONI (the Italian National Olympic Committee). Targeted at families living in poor areas at a high risk of social exclusion, this project allows young people to take part in sporting activities, at no charge, alongside famous Olympic champions.
Environmental sustainability: Investing in new technologies that reduce the environmental impact of operations through accurate monitoring of energy consumption. Through an Environmental Management System, GTECH constantly improves its results with a view to minimizing the impact of its operations, and reducing the waste and pollution resulting from its production activities.

The implementation of effective energy saving measures at its two main offices in Rome allowed GTECH to achieve energy savings of over 12%.
In keeping with the Company’s sustainability strategy, the 2014 report is available online and may accessed at or at

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