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VIP Programmes Explained

  • 30 Oct 2019
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Casinos employ a variety of bonus offers and exclusives to entice new users to their brand. These often take the form of extra credit or ‘free’ spins on certain games but, whatever the case, they are limited benefits that will run out before long. If you’re a newbie to the world of online gaming, you might fear that, once these are used, that’s the end of casino awarded bonuses. However, you would be wrong, as brands know they have to offer something if they want to retain their players. Some of these are seasonal specials that will run at various times throughout the year for all their users, but casinos generally offer another way to reward their most valuable and loyal players. We’re talking about VIP programmes, of course. These are schemes designed to give you a little bit of a boost and keep you spinning the wheels. If you’re unsure of what these are, fret not, as we’ve covered everything below in our VIP programmes explained special.

How to Become a VIP

There is no universal answer to this question, since the membership requirements are entirely at the discretion of the casino. In fact, brands often won’t publish the specifics, but there are a few general rules. First, if you’re new to the brand, you probably won’t be accepted into the program anytime soon, as you won’t have wagered or played that much. This is one of the main ways they might judge a player, with a certain amount of money wagered serving as a threshold. The total length of time you have been a member may factor in as well, though this probably won’t be as important. You also won’t likely be able to initiate your membership either, instead, a representative from the casino will get in touch once you’ve met the criteria. VIP status can be revoked if you aren’t playing with the brand enough, though, so be aware of this.

VIP Rewards

When it comes to the perks themselves, they are often quite exciting. You get the usual assortment of casino bonuses, such as credit and free spins, but there are also a variety of real-world gifts they can give you. These can be anything from merchandise, such as branded mugs or toys, to invitations to exclusive events, concerts, or football matches. In the case of slots bonuses, you will receive a healthy amount of these periodically. Most casinos offer some form of monthly bonus to their VIP customers, as well as goodies on your birthday, and on your VIP anniversary. They might even throw in a few surprise ones, every now and then, so there is certainly no lack of bonuses on offer.

The other interesting thing about these schemes is that they will often have tiers to the benefits they offer, which will get progressively better the higher up the hierarchy you are. A common perk usually reserved for the top tiers is a VIP manager, someone who will look after your account, keep in regular contact with you, and essentially act as your personal customer relations manager.


Let’s have a look at a VIP programme from one of our featured casinos, Kerching. This brand will get in contact with you if you’ve met their criteria and you will be entered into the first tier of the program, which is simply called VIP, and then given a £20 bonus credit to start, a dedicated accounts manager, plus the usual assortment of promotions, anniversary specials, and more. There are two more tiers though; VIP Premier, and VIP Elite. When you qualify for the second level, you will receive a £50 boost and a new birthday bonus, plus an upgrade to priority customer service access. Meeting the requirements for the elite membership will net you a further £100 in bonus credit, plus a personal account manager, as well as all the previous bonuses. This is just one format to illustrate how casinos progressively reward you.

Find VIP Programs at these Casinos

It isn’t just Kerching that offers VIP schemes though, virtually every brand featured on our site does, including Prospect Hall, Temple Slots and Bucky Bingo. Now that you’ve brushed up on your knowledge of casino VIP programmes, why not educate yourself on some of the other aspects of online gaming, such as casino bonuses, or even some of the best brands of 2019. Finally, if you’re struggling with the games themselves, be sure to check out our glossaries for casino classics like poker and blackjack.

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