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SBTech signs agreement with Sazka

  • 31 Jan 2016
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Award-winning supplier SBTech has signed a multi-year deal to provide SAZKA, the Czech Republic’s market-leading lottery operator, with their innovative sports betting solution.

SAZKA, which is part of international investment group KKCG, operating in 11 countries on four continents, is a member of the European Lotteries (EL) and World Lottery Association (WLA).

SBTech will supply Sazka with their celebrated sports betting platform, including a customised fully responsive front end and cutting-edge cash out and streaming functionality, along with SBTech’s Fast Market offerings which allow users to bet on what will happen in the next one minutes of a singular event, and watch the results settled immediately; creating a new thrill for the punter minute by minute, point by point.

The platform allows each operator to manage their own risk, apply their own payouts, set their own betting limits, customise the sports content offer, and manage the sportsbook liability in real time in order to put more focus on sport management.

SAZKA’s new sportsbook will also benefit from SBTech’s Chameleon360 gaming platform which allow each operator to manage his own risk and apply his own risk management policy as well as provides each operator with the scope to create their own personalized CRM and innovative promotions in order to create the most personalized marketing message.

SBTech CEO, Itai Zak, said: “We’re delighted to have agreed a partnership with SAZKA, who is a respected lottery operator with long tradition in the Czech market and recently one of the fastest growing lotteries in Europe and Americas.

“Our solutions will provide them with cutting edge technology to help make the most of additional revenue streams in non-traditional verticals, and we’re looking forward to introducing new functionalities to their customers in the fast pace.”

SAZKA CEO, Robert Chvátal, said: “Sazka is a champion in draw-based games and instant lotteries. With Sazka Bet we want to extend our reach also in very competitive sports betting space since it is complementary to our lottery portfolio. We opted to outsource the sportsbook platform to SB Tech as they showed flexibility to adjust to the Czech market standards.

“Czech legal sportsbetting market is very competitive and we need a partner with technology giving us broad opportunities to customise, personalise, and differentiate our offering.”

SAZKA is the largest lottery operator in the Czech Republic with tradition since 1956, covering the country with 7,400 points of sale.

SBTech has been operating in various jurisdictions and regions worldwide, powering over 80 clients worldwide and supporting operators in numerous regulated markets such as UK, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Romania, Portugal, Czech Republic, Denmark, Mexico, Argentina, Poland and more.

SBTech will be exhibiting at ICE Totally Gaming on stand S3-110, where they will be joined by five-time World Heavyweight Champion Evander Holyfield.

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