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BtoBet Heads to ENADA

  • 10 Mar 2016
  • David
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In light of the legal amendments which will soon regulate the Italian market, that of a betting exchange decree, BtoBet will give Italian operators a different way how to approach business.

BtoBet the innovative iGaming software developer is introducing its highly advanced Sportsbetting software in the Italian market. After operating successfully in strict regulated markets like Belgium, BtoBet felt confident that introducing its betting software to the Italian market, was the next natural move to make.

BtoBet is going to introduce its Sportsbook software, to the Italian market during one of the most popular fairs in Italy, ENADA, in Rimini. Senior Management from BtoBet will meet with different licensees who operate in the Italian market to define the way forward of how to integrate B Neuron and B Retail in their business operations.

Btobet’s Sportsbook software is based on a studied algorithmic dynamic of rules which are able to fit the needs of any kind of operator, included those who operate in a highly regulated market. Having the BtoBet betting software the operator will gain a reliable solution to offer a wide range of sports, events and markets.

Alessandro Fried CEO of BtoBet described the Sportsbook solution as being “the latest innovation in the iGaming and betting industry. With this software solution BtoBet is able to offer licensees who operate in strict regulated markets, a high quality product which is easily adaptable to every jurisdiction due to our sophisticated offer management”.

Fried said that “one of the advantages of BtoBet is that one of its key features is that is entering a strict regulated market, like the Italian one, for us another challenge which we are ready to face. Our experience in operating in other existing challenging markets makes this journey the key for the Italian operator”.

The features offered in BtoBet’s Sportsbook solution are ample. Some of them include the Genius Bonus Module which through a dynamic segmentation of players, it gives bonuses automatically and monitors how the bonus is played.

Another particular feature is the Notification System, which advises the operations team with all the possible frauds which are happening. There is also the Advanced Dynamic Reporting for more transparency and to have reports in real time.

Other features include and detailed system of player segmentation, and easy to use rule engine and the monitoring of KPIs on a monthly basis.

The BtoBet Sportsbook solution is compatible with the three products offered by the company, B Neuron, B Konnect and B Retail.

B Neuron is the most advanced platform in iGaming and betting in the international market. It has been developed through the use of artificial intelligence and adapted to sustaining the operator by guiding him to make the right decisions for the management, acquisition and retention of players/bettors.

B Konnect is BtoBet’s plug-in solution, a software ready to be integrated in any platform widening the operator’s gaming content offers to increase profit margins.

B Retail is the ideal tool to manage the land based market. It is the only product in the market which links the retail market to the potential of the online business. It is a cognitive tool which breaks the barrier between these two important business industries.

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