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Yggdrasil goes for glory with Champions of Rome

  • 22 Feb 2019
  • David
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Yggdrasil has released its heroic new slot, Champions of Rome, where mighty gladiators face off on the reels.

The game is set in one of the most famous theatres of combat in the ancient world, the Colosseum. This stadium witnesses a mighty battle where swords, tridents and maces fly through the air and make Wilds appear as they smash into the reels.

The game’s main feature is Added Wilds with four Wilds hitting the reels every time two Scatter symbols appear in the base game, as well as in every spin during each Free Spins Mode.

Champions of Rome also features two different Free Spins Modes, Training Mode or Deathmatch. Players can choose which mode to go for, depending on how adventurous they feel. In Training Mode, players earn eight Free Spins and can keep all their winnings. In Deathmatch Mode, they have fewer spins to gather a certain amount of coins and get a multiplier of up to 4x on all their winnings. If these brave fighters lose, they have to surrender their winnings from that Free Spins round but get a consolation prize consisting of coins or Training Mode spins.

“Champions of Rome is a visually impressive game where players are in control of how much they want to risk. Seasoned slot warriors can satisfy their thirst for adrenaline by choosing to risk it all, while more casual players can make a more conservative choice with guaranteed winnings. Fortunately, with four Wilds regularly hitting the reels, the gameplay experience will be entertaining whatever strategy they choose.” Jonas Strandman, Head of Slots at Yggdrasil

Champions of Rome is built on proprietary HTML5 client framework, iSENSE2.0+, which allows for seamless gameplay on desktop and mobile. And as with all Yggdrasil titles, the game comes complete with a collection of in-game promotional tools including BOOST®.

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