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Blackjack Terms

  • 16 Oct 2019
  • Kathryn
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Have you ever started up a casino game, only to be completely bamboozled by the lingo, jargon, and everything in-between? If you’ve ever struggled with the complexities of gambling slang, fear not, Return To Player is on hand to help out with our handy guides for a variety of casino classics. This time, we’re having a crack at Blackjack terms, and have crafted a comprehensive glossary below.


Let’s start easy, shall we? This is the name of the game for good reason, as hitting Blackjack means you’ve landed an automatically winning hand, comprised of an Ace and a 10-value card.


The exact opposite of the above term, to go bust is to have a hand that is valued over 21, resulting in an automatic loss.


In the case of Live Casino titles, this is the person who deals the cards to the players, although virtual versions typically use artificial intelligence.


The stack of 52 cards used in the game.

Double Down

The act of doubling your bet in exchange for another drawcard.

Draw a Card

Taking an extra card after the first hand.

Favourable Deck

If the remaining cards in the deck are favourable for the player, it is a ‘favourable deck’.

First Baseman

This is the first player to place a bet.

Flat Bet

If you bet the same amount for every hand, this is known as a Flat Bet.


The first cards dealt to each player

Hard Total

A hand which doesn’t have an ace or the ace value is one.


This is a match solely between you and the dealer.

High Roller

This is a player who wagers a large amount of money.


If you ask the dealer to hit, they will draw another card for you to add to your hand.

Hole Card

The dealer’s card which isn’t face-up.


A nickname for the casino.


One of the side bets you can take, specifically when the dealer holds an ace.


A game of Blackjack comprised of more than one deck in a shoe.


A slang term for Blackjack


This refers to any one of the Jack, Queen, or King cards, also known as the painted cards.

Pat Hand

A hard hand worth 17 or higher, one that is likely to win.


How many cards are dealt before the dealer shuffles.


A game of Blackjack that results in a tie between the player and the dealer.


A play where each player acts on their hand.


The container for the deck of cards.


The act of randomising the card order before they are dealt out.


A game of Blackjack involving only one deck.


Another slang term for landing a Blackjack.

Soft Total

This refers to a hand that features an eleven-valued ace.

Splitting Pairs

If you land an identical pair on the draw, say a double six, for example, you have the option to split them. After this, the two cards will function as separate hands.

Stand/ Stand Pat

When you’re satisfied with your hand and tell the dealer you won’t take any more cards.

Stiff Card

If the card is valued at 2-6, it is a ‘stiff’.


The player can give up for half of the original bet if the dealer has checked for Blackjack.

Ten-Poor Deck

After a match has been played, this refers to a deck that has seen 10-value card played

Ten-Rich Deck

The reverse of the last term, a deck where less 10-value cards have entered play.

Ten-Value Card

This refers to the cards worth 10 in value, i.e any of the painted cards or one of the tens.

Third Baseman

The last person to take part in the betting.


Another name for the game.

Unfavourable Deck

When all the remaining cards favour the casino and a house win looks likely.


Standardised bet size.


The dealer’s card that faces up.

Where to Play Blackjack Online

Now that you’ve brushed up on your Blackjack terminology, you might fancy having a crack at the game. If you do, you can play it at many of our featured online casinos, including KerchingTemple Slots and Jackpot Jones. Whether it’s an old school table game or a cutting-edge live casino version, these sites have a great selection to try out. 

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