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1 Can 2 Can Review

  • 17 Aug 2023
  • Will




“Ohhhh, I see what they’ve done there….”


1can 2can is a graphically rich, 5 reel, 25 pay line slot machine from NextGen. The tropical theme, with its cascading water, rustling palm trees and beautifully rendered toucan birds is very pleasing to the eye and the slot symbols, feathers, fruit and jungle critters compliment this perfectly. It really is a beautiful game and the presentation is faultless. The only criticism here is that the UI is not as intuitive as you’d like, it took me a good few seconds to find the spin button which may not sound like much, but in this modern customer focused world, it’s almost unforgivable.


At first glance, the game doesn’t seem to step out of the standard slots mould. The opening splash screen basically says as much in that the bonus game is free spins and there are line wilds in the base game. This is a NextGen game though so we can expect something a little different once we start to dig deeper. Picking up the basics first, after a few spins the red king was the symbol starting to jump out at me. Instinctively this made me think of it as the one of the higher paying symbols. Next in line the tropical flowers were catching the eye. I was surprised looking at the pay table that actually these were at the middle and low end of the hierarchy. 

The top symbol (behind the wild) is actually a little sloth symbol with a grey and brown palette …which disappears like documentation from the Manitowoc County sheriff department’s evidence room, in the sea of rich green, blue, pink and yellow of the surrounding environment.

This is a beautifully presented game. The sound and graphics are very rich and immersive and the slightly slow (initial) loading time, is more than compensated by the smooth animation. It’s pretty, but that doesn’t make it unique. It has a gamble feature, but so do a number of slots. For all it’s visual attraction – and it has a lot – it doesn’t contain much in the way of gameplay features. Eventhough the features are dull and It does nothing ground breaking or even close to, it was fun to play due to the bright, colourful and ‘happy’.theme.. I cannot say I’ll be running back to play it again, as there are so many different slots out there to choose from, but I’d certainly not be too unhappy to be presented with it again.



  • presentation : 4
  • accessibility : 10
  • features : 4
  • uniqueness : 4
  • enjoyment : 6


  • Straightforward design, easy to follow
  • Flashbacks to classical fruit games
  • Energetic music and soundtrack


  • Theme is very basic
  • Not very original

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