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Extra Juicy Slot Review

  • 4 Jan 2024
  • Jacob




Extra Juicy slots is a 3 reel and 10 payline casino game. Developed by Pragmatic Play, the design is very straightforward and inside the reels you will find fruit symbols like watermelons, grapes, melons, lemons, oranges and cherries. Alongside these ‘juicy’ icons, there are also classic symbols like the yellow bell and diamond.

Inevitably, the game title comes from the fruit images, all of which create a colourful and vibrant setting for you to play in. This is the main highlight of the rather simplistic design, as the backdrop is just a mirage of soft, flashing lights. Pragmatic Play is known for their basic slot layouts and the Extra Juicy slot game fits this bill to a tee.


Simple Gameplay


Just like the design of the game, playing Extra Juicy was an incredibly simple process. Choosing your betting stake is done via the ‘-‘ and ‘+’ buttons, so it’s very easy to keep track of how much you are spending when spinning the reels. Minimum bets start off at 10p per spin and the maximum allowed at any given point is £50. I would recommend starting off small to figure out whether you are fan of this basic gameplay, before potentially upping your stake.


When you spin the reels, they whirl rather frantically and you can win from the left to the right. From this respect, Extra Juicy reminded me of a modern day version of the classic fruit machines. When a payline is activated, the symbols will spurt out their fruity goodness – talk about being juicy!


Juicy Graphics


After seeing the title ‘Extra Juicy’, I was inevitably expecting a bit of bubbly gameplay. Although Pragmatic Play have created a very simple design, it isn’t hard to see where the term ‘juicy’ comes from. The fruit symbols are all vibrant and colourful, to which they brighten up the game screen rather well.


Many players out there will recognise these icons in being the OG’s of the casino world. The pieces of fruit can all be found inside physical fruit machines, so this game has feel of a ‘blast from the past’, but with a modern twist. They are the selling point of this slot game and Pragmatic Play have ensured that they are the central aspect of the theme.


Their added animation of actually bursting open is a nice touch too, rather than them just sitting there looking all plain. The watermelon is the highest-paying fruit symbol of them all, as five of these across a payline would trigger a whopping 2,500 coin payout. There is the potential to activate some big winnings too, at the RTP of 96.52% is relatively high compared to some other slots out there.


Diamonds Really Are Forever


Shirley Bassey said it best with ‘diamonds are forever’. I’m not sure if Pragmatic Play were solely inspired by the 1971 James Bond film when creating this game, but they have included a special diamond symbol. This is the biggest aspect of this Extra Juicy slot review, as the diamond is the only bonus feature that can be found.

The sparkly blue emerald acts as the Scatter throughout the game and it can only appear on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels. If this happens at once, the bonus round is activated. You will be granted 12 free spins and the multiplying stake will increase by 1x every single spin. This feature gives you something to watch out for when playing and adds that much needed little extra to what is predominantly, a standard experience of gameplay.

It was a tad disappointing to not see a piece of special fruit unlock this feature, especially given the slot’s main theme and central focus. Despite this, the diamond Scatter is an awesome extra to have inside the reels and you will definitely be hoping to strike three of them when playing.


Funky Soundtrack and Music


I have touched on the colourful graphics and symbols being the main highlight of the Extra Juicy slots. Admittedly, they do contribute to creating a visually pleasing setting, but the slot soundtrack is equally as impressive too.

The term ‘funky’ is the best way of describing the game’s background music, as there are some jazzy saxophones playing. When you spin the reels, the soundtrack is turned up and you get an extra feel for those energetic vibes. Some people may find the chosen track ‘cheesy’, but it is one that injects some life into this straightforward game.

When the symbols fall onto the reels, they also create a small noise too. I’m a big fan of the added noises into this game, as the majority of slot games out there don’t make a proper use out of soundtracks.


Overall Verdict


Simplicity with a touch of modern day vibes sums up this Extra Juicy slot review nicely. Pragmatic Play have designed a game with the orthodox 3×5 grid, so aesthetically, there isn’t too much to take in when playing. The same can also be said about the animated backdrop, which is simply just a few colours and bubbles floating around.

Despite this, the simple design is one that works. The colourful symbols and vibrant soundtrack do bring some life to your screen, with both of these aspects making the game what it is. If you aren’t a fan of games with shed loads of bonus features and moving icons, Extra Juicy is likely to be a slot that fits your needs. It’s easy to play and the design has a sprinkle of animated colour – who says simplicity doesn’t work?



  • presentation : 4
  • accessibility : 10
  • features : 4
  • uniqueness : 4
  • enjoyment : 6


  • Straightforward design, easy to follow
  • Flashbacks to classical fruit games
  • Energetic music and soundtrack


  • Theme is very basic
  • Not very original

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