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Where do you go…My lovely?

  • 23 Aug 2016
  • Judith
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Where do you go…My lovely?

Well I’m glad you asked. If you’ve tried to visit the site over the last few days you may have been receiving a lot of 504 or 500 HTTP errors. If you are one of those people then firstly thank you for returning to visit the site… If you aren’t then why the hell not?! Do you not like the honest and detailed reviews? Do you not appreciate having corporate hubris stripped from the news, and having gaming only PRs filtered 🙂

On Wednesday 17th August Return To Player’s server was hit with a DDOS attack. Unfortunately Return to Player is a lean operation that still has one foot firmly planted in the ‘hobby blogger’ category and one foot creeping into the ‘corporate dog’ world. Thus to keep costs low we run on a virtual server along with a number of other sites.  Benefit of this being the low cost and maintenance, drawback being that sometimes issues on other sites can affect us.

It’s not clear whether the attack was aimed at Return to Player or another site on the virtual server. We’re hoping that we were just splash damage on a non-related DDOS attack. Highly unlikely but If we were the intended target then that, sort of, makes us feel proud that we’re significant enough for someone to take that sort of action against us. The only thing we do know, is that it totally f**ked us up for a few days.

Good thing is, as you can see we’re back, and we are improving certain technical aspects on the site and hopefully should a similar issue occur in future we can mitigate such an attack or at least reduce the downtime.

However these aspects (dedicated servers, DDOS protection etc..) are not cheap so if you feel you like what we do, we’d sure appreciate a small donation to help fund these improvements.  We’ve included both Paypal and Bitcoin so you have an option if you want anonymity…

Bitcoin Barcode
Bitcoin Wallet: #16RRNX9wJ1fWdcmefMMXx3NR2QYaGGTQCt

If you do donate, thank you very much from all the team. And we’ll be back to business this week with an old school review of Choy Sun Doa.

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