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Endorphina ’s official statement ICE 2018

  • 12 Feb 2018
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Endorphina would like to present official statement referring topic of sexism in gambling industry which has been largely discussed by media during last week.

At ICE totally gaming show 2018 in London we were presenting our new game Taboo that is featuring symbols based on BDSM theme. This theme is a trending topic and is not considered as such a taboo as it used to be in the past. Many books and movies, which present BDSM, have recently been issued and warmly welcomed by the public around the world.

As a promotion of our new game we have presented the pole dance performance. We recognise pole dancing as a highly demanding sport and our performers are professional female athletes. Their performance was incredible and to perform this sport at this high level it literally requires a lot of blood sweat and tears and countless hours of practice. Pole dancing is a combination of strength and flexibility. And everybody who has ever been involved in any sport must know, that this combination of strength and flexibility is one of the most challenging. Therefore, it is no surprise that pole dancing has its own world championship.

The clothing which our athletes were wearing is required due to nature of this sport. Performers of pole dancing need to have their skin in a direct contact with the pole because that prevents them from slipping off the pole and possible injuries, so it is the health and safety issue as well. Endorphina’s employees, regardless if male or female, are always sharp and dressed according to their positions and occasion.

We, as a gambling industry, every now and then are facing some individuals or interest groups who are trying to show gambling in a bad way. We suggest not to do the same with pole dancing and not misinterpret it as something else than what it actually is – highly demanding and modern sport.

Our stand was very popular not only with the male part of the audience but also by the woman as well. Many of them were asking us or our athletes about this sport with a large interest to try pole dancing themselves.

We are aware of social moods against sexism and we support any movement which will protect any possible victims of this unwanted behaviour. However, we are strongly refusing any accusations of sexism in context of professional athletes and consider them highly offensive against our artists and pole dancing as a sport itself.

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