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Endorphina’s two new games coming soon

  • 10 Oct 2018
  • David
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It hasn’t been so long since we’ve seen Endorphina’s latest release – Kamchatka. But the company is already coming up with not just one, but two more games in the next 30 days!

What can the players expect? There’s still not much information about both of the new titles, but we’ve managed to collect at least some update to share with our readers and keep you all at the edge of your seats.

The first game to be released is said to be called Dia De Los Muertos – and as the title suggests, it should revolve around the Mexican celebration for the Day of the Dead. As we all have noticed over the years, Endorpina’s games are all based on very accurate, detailed and interesting cultures or traditions, so we’re eager to see how they’ll be putting this one together. This theme is very fitting for the Autumn season, as Halloween is right around the corner. Endorphina perfectly considers and fits its games according to trends once again.

After Dia De Los Muertos, we’ve heard that the second game to be released soon after will be a classic fruit game called Lucky Streak. Players seem to have a special place in their hearts for Endorphina’s classic fruit games, ranking it as amongst their top favourites in the company’s entire portfolio. It’s still unclear whether or not Lucky Streak will offer any special features, but we can still be hopeful. The game design seems to be sleek and minimalistic featuring glossy fruits with a unique fire animation. The release of this game will definitely be after Dia De Los Muertos, but we have yet to confirm the exact date with Endorphina. They told us that the release date will be announced on their social media profiles and in their newsletters.

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