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Top Kerching Games

  • 10 Jan 2020
  • Kathryn
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At RTP, we aim to guide people towards the best slots experience possible. Most of the time, we do this by reviewing the latest titles. Today, we’re doing something a little bit different. While we will still be covering a load of games, the twist is that they’re all from one of our featured casinos, Kerching. It has a ton of slots in the library, from some of the biggest developers around, and we’ve picked out the crème de la crème for you here, in our top Kerching games special.


When it comes to slot games, you don’t get much bigger than Cleopatra. It’s an icon of the industry, moving from land-based casinos to virtual reels, whilst maintaining the same level of popularity after all these years. If you’re a slot player that hasn’t given this one a go, don’t fret, we’ll detail the reasons for its success now.

The first thing to note about Cleopatra, is that it isn’t overflowing with features; there’s only one bonus, which is a free spin round. However, this can be quite effective if you’re fortunate, as any wins you land for its duration will be tripled. What’s more, you can re-trigger the bonus up to 180 times, so you could have even more chances at landing those wins. All of this is capped off by an engaging, Egyptian-theme and some cracking visuals.

Pirates Plenty Battle for Gold

Onto the next game, which takes us to the high seas in Pirates Plenty: Battle for Gold. One of Pragmatic Play’s best works, this game centres all around the scurvy outlaws that terrorised the oceans centuries ago. Don’t worry though, these fearless characters are here to help you in this slot, with a raft of features that could make all the difference to your payout. There’s an unlockable wild reel in the game, which can greatly increase your chances of landing a win, by offering more paylines. There’s also a Wild Monkey which will remove low-value symbols from play and may even reward you with a multiplier. Finally, there is the battle spins round, where you can win free spins with sticky wilds and multipliers potentially applied.

Da Vinci Diamonds

You might think some of these slots are works of art, but now we come to the game based on the works of one of the greatest artists of all time. Da Vinci Diamonds is a classic, having toured casinos across the Las Vegas strip, as well as the world over. It looks a little dated at this point, but one thing that hasn’t aged is the timeless gameplay. The first aspect of this is the Tumbling Reels mechanic, which has become a huge thing for slots in general since its introduction. It allows you to keep forming wins immediately after landing a winning combination by removing the symbols involved, before replacing them with randomly generated new ones. There is also a free spins mode which will see the number of paylines doubled, plus extra wilds may be added into play.

Ozzy Osbourne

There aren’t many slots dedicated to individuals but, when there is one, it’s usually a legend that gets featured. Well, that’s certainly the case for this game, as it is based on the Prince of Darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne. NetEnt has done a fabulous job of translating Ozzy’s larger than life character onto the reels, creating a display that is equal parts dark, and great to look at. However, there are a few bonuses that really heighten the playing experience. It’s really all part of one free spin, but there is a feature wheel and a spin wheel that will decide what bonuses you get, and for how many spins they will last. Because of this, it doesn’t seem like you’re triggering the same bonus over and over again and keeps everything feeling fresh and fun.

Kitty Glitter

Now for something completely different, we move from goths, bats, and rock stars to bejewelled felines. It may sound like a strange theme, but it’s quite a refreshing change of scene in all honesty. The interface is nice enough, but there is just something amusing about seeing the cats spin on the reels. On top of that, there are a couple of bonuses that can be rather lucrative. The first feature is a free spin round, which offers 15 spins on a new set of reels that are a bit more rewarding. However, the main attraction is the Diamond Accumulator, which will trigger when enough of the associated symbol has fallen on the fifth reel. As you reach certain thresholds here, certain cat symbols will begin to turn wild. This can be a great help, as it will increase your chances of landing a win.  

Butterfly Staxx 2

This next game has perhaps the most niche theme on this list, as it is all about entomology, the study of insects. You might be wondering how much of a success a game of this theme could have, but it’s been so popular that Butterfly Staxx is now a certified series. The sequel improved upon many of the already great aspects of the original, including the bonus features. Let’s start with the re-spin round, which will trigger when a fully stacked butterfly symbol lands. You’ll get another spin with it stuck in place, potentially creating a new win. There is also a free spin round, which will see new, potentially rewarding, symbols added to the board. Finally, there is a ‘pick me’ minigame, which can dole out a variety of benefits.

All of the games we’ve spoken about here are available to play on our featured casino Kerching, so be sure to take advantage of the welcome offer, if you’re new to the site.

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